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We truly believe, that the world can be a happier place to live in if we all feel the joy in our hearts and that happens when we are fulfilled with doing what we love and have a loving and supportive environment to do so. Joyful people make better mothers, better fathers, better children, friends, coworkers. 

We help amateur and proffesional cake artists who are searching for an inspiration, knowledge, guidance and support they need to unleash the cake hero in them and become the best cake artist they can possible be. That is our small contribution towards making this world a better place. It is our mission.

Yes, we know we can’t change the whole world, but we will die trying. 

The founder of Sugar Queen Academy is Eva Klinc – Sugar Queen, award winning cake artist who believes anything is possible.


Eva’s Story

Anyone can become a Sugar Queen

What if you could make any cake that exists in your imagination?

What would you create if everything were possible?

Cakes and decoration are your passion. At the exact moment when the cake is baked and the frosting is beautifully done, you move into your fantasy world where you enjoy yourself the most. Where the rules are no longer so rigid and stiff, where you can experiment and recreate something unique every time.
But the cake you have in mind and the actual result often end in compromise. You don’t have enough time for decoration, you are not sure what kind of cooking material to use, what kind of colours are suitable, how to decorate the cake to defy gravity …

Maybe you even think you need to be a master pastry chef to create a beautiful cake. Or that it is not possible to make everything you have imagined. Therefore, you limit yourself and stay within the bounds of what you feel safe creating.

I know. All this was all me a few years ago.

When the student is ready, the teacher comes…

But in a single moment, something completely changed for me, like jumping into Alice’s rabbit hole in Wonderland, and exploring the crazy world of cakes and decorations.

I experienced the “is this really a cake?!” moment when I found Mr. Serdar Yener’s artwork online. I enrolled in his online school and everyday literally devoured the knowledge he lovingly shared with his members.



But how can a single “aha” moment turn your world upside down and you suddenly feel like you have found the reason for your existence? Hmm, obviously the teacher really comes in when the student is ready. And I was ready. Like a marathon runner waiting for the race to begin. The voice in my head asking: “Who are you? Why are you here? ” was getting louder year by year, day by day. The feeling of being stuck became more and more intense. I knew there had to be something more to life and my existence.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone (Neale Donald Walsch)

If you want to change something, you have to get out of your comfort zone, right? And since my husband and I were looking for a drastic change, we made a drastic decision. We moved to Australia. That was four years ago. A new environment, new challenges, new dreams, a new leaf for me, my husband and our then 7-year-old daughter. We were in Melbourne, and for the first time in my life, I really had time for myself, time to think, to relax, and time to finally dream. Our trio connected like never before. We only had each other and we rediscovered our true values. When you turn over a new leaf in your life, when you start again, you are literally starting to lay new foundations from scratch and despite your fear you feel a kind of freedom, as when you were a child. Never before in my life did I ask myself, “If everything was possible, what would I do?” Nobody asked me that. Although I had the answer in the palm of my hand: “I want to bake and decorate cakes !!” I realized that I lived within the limits of my apparent limitations. I can’t say there weren’t any beautiful moments, they were. But I never felt with all my heart that I was on the path that was meant for me. I thought it was happiness to love what you do and that only few people are lucky to do what they love. But now I was ready to be one of those few. And the teacher came.

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away (Pablo Picasso)


It has been several years since then and in this time I’ve learned from many other similar online schools, which led me to a full-time job as a pastry teacher at the Biotechnical Educational Center (BIC) in Ljubljana. I fell in love with learning, the sense of imparting knowledge and, most important of all, the imparting of a spark that captures the idea that anything is possible. I found myself in the profession of cake decorator, but this one does not exist in Slovenia yet. That is why it is part of my vision that this title comes to life in our country as well. That is the reason that I have set myself on my own, away from frames that limit me to be able to give what I have in myself and that the sparks in my eyes are glowing for me and for you.

Everything is created twice – first in mind and then in reality (Robin Sharma)


Since I do what I love, I don’t feel like I work. I create, design, bake, paint, draw, overcome the laws of physics and sometimes even chemistry :). Because I am creating it’s making me feel alive which gives me the feeling of being here and now. It makes me happy and fulfils my life. Art is not true art unless you share it with the world, they say. And like any artist, I also want my creations to touch people’s emotions, inspire them, and bring some added value to the world.

Make your faith larger than your fears and your dreams bigger than your doubts (Robin Sharma)


I am an eternal optimist, and I believe that anything is possible, which is something you probably already know by now. And I believe it’s never too late. I am convinced that all we need is a little help, a pinch of inspiration, and above all reliable support, a little practice, and some good tips and answers to get over our own limitations and let the artist in ourselves come through.

I know that anyone can produce a sweet masterpiece, and I am here to prove it.


Sandi Planinšek


Sandi je vrhunski slaščičar, ki ima kljub mladosti za seboj že veliko let izobraževanj in izkušenj na področju slaščičarstva in predajanja znanja. 

Prihaja iz okolice Litije. Po poklicu prvotno kuhar, a ga je strast so slaščic zelo kmalu peljala v slaščičarske vode, zato se je po šolanju intenzivno izobraževal v smeri svoje strasti.

Leta 2020 je začel izvajati svoje prve tečaje, ki ga vse do danes najbolj izpolnjujejo in prinašajo največ radosti. 

Prepoznavnost javnosti je dobil po sladicah v podobi sadja, oreškov in zelenjave. Redno pa s svojimi kreacijami navdušuje goste Gradu Bogenšperk, kjer je zaposlen kot glavni slaščičar.

Sugar Queen Akademija je z združenimi močmi tako strastega slaščičarja in učitelja postala še boljša in močnejša na svoji misiji, da pomaga ljudem pridobiti znanje, inspiracijo ter podporo na poti do svojega uspeha. 

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