shaz miselo

Shaz Miselo Sitamulaho

I really don’t know where to start because l have learnt so much in a small period, thank youpastedGraphic.png. l have never been in a baking group quite like this one, then again we are different, we are a tribepastedGraphic_1.png. 

Eva Klinc, l can never thank you enough, you have created a very positive, welcoming and inclusive group, with tons to learn, am fairly new to this and am so gratefulpastedGraphic_2.png. I cannot wait to try what l have learnt so far, every tutorial is amazing, the one about writing using chocolate in a cellophane was great and will definitely start practising. l was in awe when you taught us how to make fabric out of gelatin, two wayspastedGraphic_3.pngpastedGraphic_3.pngpastedGraphic_3.pngpastedGraphic_3.png, thank you thank you. I will definitely try everything you have taught us so far. You are amazing and a great artist, pastedGraphic.png.